Eating Disorders

Q: What is anorexia?

A: Anorexia is a serious disorder that causes people to eat far too little and lose a dangerous amount of weight. People who suffer from anorexia are often intensely afraid of weight gain, are obsessed with their weight, and suffer from self-esteem that is overly dependent on their body image. Anorexia is self-starvation. If left untreated, anorexia can cause severe health problems and even lead to death.[1]


Q: What is bulimia?

A: Bulimia (or binge eating disorder) is a serious health condition that causes people to eat extreme amounts of food, usually followed by an episode of purging (such as vomiting or laxative use) in order to prevent weight gain.[2]


Q: What causes eating disorders?

A: Eating disorders can be caused by trauma, relationship difficulties, or physical illnesses. They can also be triggered by a life change such as entering high school, getting married, or having children. Eating disorders often develop alongside other mental health problems, such as depression or obsessive compulsive disorders.[3]


Q: Can both men and women get eating disorders?

A: Yes, though they are much more common in women. About ninety percent of eating disorder patients are women. [4]


Q: Can an eating disorder be life threatening?

A: Yes. Binge eating and bulimia can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, and gallbladder disease. Anorexia can cause abnormally slow heart rate and dangerously low blood pressure. It can also cause severe dehydration and kidney failure. All these conditions are extremely serious and can be fatal.[5]


Q: Can eating disorders occur alongside other addictions?

A: Yes, they often do. People who suffer from anorexia or bulimia are more likely to suffer from alcohol and substance abuse, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder than others.[6]


Q: I think I have an eating disorder. Do I?

A: If you think you may have an eating disorder, consider taking a screening at NEDA’s website at


Q: Where can I get help?

A: Call NEDA’s help line at 1-800-931-2237 or look online at These tools can help you find a counselor in your area who can help you recover from your eating disorder.


Q: How are eating disorders treated?

A: Eating disorders are usually treated with counseling, psychotherapy, or medications (such as antidepressants for co-occurring depression or anxiety). The goal of treatment is to bring a patient’s weight to a healthy level, reduce his or her rates of exercise, and curtailing binging and purging patterns.[7]

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