"After a service, a woman confessed to me that she was committing adultery. Standing near was another woman whom God had loved through her adultery experience. They cried and prayed together. Soon after, I introduced a man struggling with suicidal thoughts to another man who had battled suicidal tendencies. They prayed together on the spot. Then a meth addict walked up and I connected him with a church leader who had overcome his own addiction to meth. A shared experience is a powerful thing."

-Miles McPherson, Senior Pastor Rock Church

When someone is experiencing a spiritual battle or desperate times, they are often also experiencing profound loneliness. What they need is to know that someone has faced exactly what they are facing, and by God’s saving grace have come through it better and stronger. People need to know that God has compassion for the specific brokenness in their heart. They need to hear those stories. Often, their hope depends on it.

Do you have a friend who could benefit from hearing a video testimony from someone who went through and overcame what they are going through? Have you ever heard a testimony and thought to yourself, "I wish my friend could hear that."

Introducing the Gospel Central app.

Now you can send a two-three minute video testimony from someone who has been there and can meet the person you want to encourage right where they’re at. Imagine being able to send someone a video and list of FAQ’s and biblical encouragement related to their struggle. Finally, imagine a clear gospel presentation at the end of each testimony that gives them the opportunity to accept Christ on the spot.

Just enter the profile of the person you wish to encourage. Profiles can include key words like age, gender, suicidal, single mom, cocaine, porn, depression, etc. The app will then make the match and send them the appropriate videos.

It’s that easy. It’s that powerful.